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Research Data Management

We offer a range of data management solutions to help researchers acquire, store, and report on their clinical research data in compliance with HIPAA regulations and with the security of knowing their data is managed is a professional data center with frequent backups and secure access control. While we understand many researchers have traditionally relied on Excel, Access, and Filemaker Pro databases, we strongly discourage their use and can work with you to replace them with any number of tools, many starting at no-cost to the research team.


REDCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online databases. The software is managed by the REDCap Consortium of which Stanford is a member. We run and support a Stanford installation of REDCap for the Stanford research community at no cost. Many researchers find REDCap a great solution to their data collection, storage, and collaboration needs. We offer a free orientation and training as well as limited support at no cost. Learn more and play with the system on your own or feel free to contact us for an orientation and training session.

STRIDE Research Data Management Applications (i.e. Database Modules)

If your project requires integration with other systems, has relational data requirements or other custom functionality not available through REDCap, the Center will work with you to scope a custom STRIDE data management application to precisely fit your needs. The scope and functionality of these custom solutions varies from project to project, but the following list may help illustrate what is possible. The initial assessment of scope is free of charge, however salary-based support is required for implementation. Please request a consultation for more info.

If you already have a STRIDE database , you can access it here.

STRIDE Secure Workbench

A STRIDE Secure Workbench consists of a virtual computer located behind the STRIDE firewall. Users connect from their personal computers via a secure desktop sharing application. This configuration allows researchers to work with sensitive and restricted data without storing any of the data on their personal computer. STRIDE secure workbenches can also be configured to have direct access to STRIDE databases for complex data query and research projects. Basic configuration of a workbench is provided free of charge, but the end user is responsible for any software licensing fees or salary support for complex configurations. Please request a consultation to learn more about this service.


A wiki is a dynamic webpage that can be easily edited by normal users through their web browser. IRT provides HIPAA compliant, secure medwiki sites free of charge to researchers. While this can be a great solution for storing meeting minutes, lists of patients, and other 'documents' in a safe and redundant manner, it has some limitations when it comes to research data. Arrange a consultation to learn more about this and other options to select the best data management solution for your needs. You may request a secure medwiki or arrange a free consultation with us first to make sure it is a good fit for your needs.

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