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The OncoShare project is a groundbreaking collaboration between Stanford School of Medicine and Palo Alto Medical Foundation to support generation and analysis of sharable, anonymized datasets on breast cancer patients, based on a structured synopsis of their clinical treatment history. The main research goal of this project is to advance our understanding of how the biology of disease interacts with patient and treatment factors to impact outcomes in different clinical settings. It is also hoped that this pilot project, which is part of the community outreach efforts of Stanford's Clinical and Translational Science Award, will pave the way to further collaborative research between PAMF and Stanford, but the current project is modestly scoped in order to make it achievable in a three year timeframe.

Initial work on a simple heuristic for matching patients with minimal exchange of PHI was presented at AMIA CRI 2010 and published in JAMIA in January 2012. The abstract is available online at and the JAMIA paper is available for download here.

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