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SCCI hosts a local installation of the REDCap biomedical study database development platform. Access to REDCap is free of charge. To get started with your own REDCap study database, sign up for an in person consultation.

REDCAP REDCap provides:

REDCap screenshot REDCap screenshot

In addition to supporting sophisticated data entry, REDCap also offers a very nice set of tools to profile the data you have already entered, as a way of ensuring data quality. Categorical variable values are plotted in individual bar charts, and numeric variable values are summarized in box plots:

REDCap screenshot

Other tools include data export and import, data comparison in support of double data entry, data logging for HIPAA compliance, and a report builder that lets you build a report one variable at a time (restricting columns) and define row selection criteria to let you export a limited subset of your data. Administrators are also permitted to establish data access groups and define access rights on a per-user basis, meaning that each database owner becomes the access granting authority for that database, for ongoing self-adminisration and autonomy.

REDCap screenshot

The Stanford copy of REDCap runs at; you need a SUNetID to see this installation. For general and background information on REDCap, see the Project REDCap web site.

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